Bungalow homes, like this house in the Cherrydale neighborhood, were very popular in Arlington during the early twentieth century. The main characteristics of these homes are that they were one story with large front porches and sloping roofs. Bungalows came into fashion during the Progressive Era, as more ornate Victorian homes and ideals were rejected in favor of the simpler Bungalow style which pushed connection to nature, simplicity, and honesty. By WWI this was the most common housing type nationally and in Arlington.

Many of Arlington's Bungalow houses were purchased through the Sears Roebuck mail-order catalog. The practice of ordering homes through mail-order was more popular in Arlington's white neighborhoods than its African American neighborhoods. Sears houses could be found in not only Cherrydale, but also Clarendon, Lyon Village, Maywood, Lyon Park, Ashton Heights, Alcova, Aurora Hills, and Virginia Highlands. This home appears to be in "The Vallonia" style.

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